Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hotter than July

So far this summer I've been very fortunate. My good fortune has been determined by the run of cool temperature days that have been accompanied with rain. It has spared me from enduring extremely hot temperatures in a home without air conditioning. Thankfully I have an attic fan, so on these hottest days I can use nights to cool my house a few degrees and make it tolerable.

Now the temperatures have decided to take an uptick & I'm sweating guilty party an interrogation room. It's fitting that the worst of it didn't hit until the middle weeks of this month. By my recollection, since 1997 in particular, the middle of July has been an ominous season for me. The summer heat usually presages vivid dreams containing elements that hint at precognition. Take that for what you will but from my experience it's unwise to ignore omens and disregard patterns of behavior and circumstance.

For me, looking at life cyclically is essential to prevent me from making the same emotional and pragmatic decisions that have led to upset and tumultuous times in my life which I would prefer to not repeat. These are hard lessons, but important ones to heed. When you've paid sweat equity and bear the scars of Love's Labour's Lost it's better to acknowledge all that's come before and be wiser for it, than to look forward constantly with no sense of perspective and someday find you've been going in warped ellipses.

To be stuck in the middle of July perpetually, sweating bullets trying to figure out how to carry on, without autumn or winter, without the spring, without the cold of the night to relieve the heat of the day, is nothing short of condemnation.