Thursday, November 14, 2013

We only notice light when darkness crashes against it.

I happened upon Sleeping At Last about 10 or so years ago.  It's primarily the work of Ryan O'neal, and as their music grew more serene and sophisticated it leapt ahead of my own emotional development, and I have only recently found the sort of peace and reflective state of mind to digest it in what feels like the proper state of mind.  At this stage of my life, the project they've undertaken, christened Atlas, fits the way of consume music and life, in broad philosophical strokes that aim to encompass the whole of life, the grandeur and minutia, everything that gives it meaning.  The first installment of the series of EPs is Darkness, and the song Woodwork (link goes to the lyrics) is the tune that grabbed my attention and captivated me.  The emotional timbre of this song suits my baseline mood these days, especially given the state of transition that seems an eternal constant. In light of the passing of a former coworker of mine this week, a particularly warm and welcoming soul who lit up a room with her smile, and calmed the tears of many a child with her empathetic manner, this song grows ever more poignant.