Saturday, July 7, 2012

Radiating Apathy

Focus and commitment are essential to productivity. I am lacking.  Age is a verb with me, it's something we do, it's not something I am.  I am watching the life I know age.  It's gotten old, and as a result my enthusiasm has waned. I'm not aching to be vital because I am hyper aware of my mortality, which makes me conscious of my being alive and well at this very moment.  I say vital instead of youthful because I don't believe being young predisposes us to vitality, and I think the growing rates of childhood obesity and docility are evidence of that.

If anything being young parallels voraciousness and the propensity for consumption.  When we are young we are developing, processing, mentally and biologically, and the more we consume, the more we develop and process in a myriad of ways.  It's not always for the best though.  As we mature, we may recognize some of the distortions and perversions at work during our development and disassociate from them, alienating our selves from our experiences for the sake of our sanity.  At some point this process can become distorted and perverse as well, and undermine our capacity for empathy, one of the most distinct human traits.  If I have any conviction to cling to, it's that we can't settle for being apathetic, but when our culture produces such polarizing viewpoints and society continues to divide into combative factions with no sign of a dialectic process developing out of the conflict, if you want better, you start to let go of this world.  It just seems like this world isn't made for, or doesn't desire peace.  Is Earth capable of sustaining a peaceful biological coexistence of species?  I would like to think so.  But is Humanity?