Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slip Slidin Away

What does it say when you thoughts are filled with something you'd rather not think about?  Better to be occupied than consider being decisive.  Easier to resign and acquiesce because it clues you in to others predispositions.  That would be the logic you use to justify such a high level of passivity.  Sounds like passive aggressive behavior, at least if you are predisposed to resentment or disaffection.  When estrangement is a fundamental component of your world view, you're bound to be a little maladjusted, and that's going to express itself in all sorts of unbecoming ways.  Some just take a little longer to prove out over time.

All that said, this song, particularly this version, makes me want to kick back, and let go a little, give up just a little bit, and accept that things are as they are, and that being the case, beyond me at times.  Hard to grasp, out of reach...