Friday, May 16, 2014

Live (short "i")

This song was a kick in the rear.  Just a lot of pep and energy in a funky wrapper.  I remember hearing it and being impressed that Lenny would follow Circus with this.  5 is a interesting album because the quality of the production is so pristine and refined.  But there are a few songs that are hard to look past.  Super Soul Brother, Black Velvetteen, and Fly Away are memorable for all the wrong reasons.  But, given how long that album is, skipping those three is no great loss.  If Again had been on this album it would have been his greatest release, and a true classic album.  But, Lenny would never get any credit for that. Mama Said, Are You Gonna Go My Way, and Circus are tutorials in production qualities.  They sound incredible.  The songwriting, though mostly homages, is solid enough that the few times when the songs sound like slapdash mimicry it's forgivable.  Mostly the homages only serve as a jumping off point for songs that are great in their own right.

Anyway, every now and then you need a fun song to get you moving and grooving in a positive way, and this song was, and is one of those tunes for me.