Sunday, August 19, 2012

Carry On

The revised lyrics based on the improved ones featured on the current recordings I have circulating will constitute the body of this post.  Truth be told, though I may have long periods of detachment and alienation from parts of my life and the framework of my being, when it comes time to sing, I feel a responsibility to voice the idealistic and convicted part of my person.  Sometimes I guess I feel a bit repressed by the world and the negotiations we have to make to reconcile our lives in it, and deep down there's a preacher, a single apostle waiting to be loosed?  Maybe not.  Anyway, here's the lyrics to that new one I love so much:

Carry On

Many get lost on this journey trying to find an easy way home
all of the shortcuts leave me yearning, burning inside, wondering which way is up
we were meant for more than to wander around aimlessly in the wilderness
all the manna that would have nourished us has been consumed, let that digest

yet we must carry on

the weight of this baggage that you burden yourself with, with all of your sin
weighs on your mind, weighs down your soul, but you must keep on going, keep on sowing
all the temptations that bemuse you, all the things that confuse you
they’ll be lifted in the end

if you just carry on

voices in your head screaming to and fro, pulling you near and far with nothing left to show
from the struggle, the hustle, kicking up dust in your mind that blinds you obscures the light
you must deny your self, deny your regret, deny the distractions, you’re lifted from in debt
there’s more to you than you’ll ever know, it’s something born within, an ember that glows

but they try to impede you, try to deceive you, try to entomb you with choices that doom you
until a new age has dawned, or your final breath is drawn, steel yourself, and carry on

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gold Digger

That one up there is a personal favorite of mine.  Looking back, I was influenced so deeply by all that I took in during my childhood, preteens and teens.  I'm thinking about my apprehensions about dating again, and the most powerful one is directly related to LOVING that jam back in the day.  I could do an EPMD song every day and just go completely off the deep end about how the philosophical underpinnings of my own personality are derived from my initial reaction to and impression of the song.  They definitely shaped my attitude time and time again cause their songs actually spoke to REAL LIFE, and practical wisdom that wasn't totally degrading and crude.

Anyway, been lacking on the blogging, due to a lot of factors, but I'm back, for this moment at least.  Too many good songs to riff off lately.  It's been overwhelming me into silence, metaphorically.